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Grant County Towns

Towns, Camps, Railroad stops and Post Offices that have existed in Grant County, NM

Compiled in 2007 and shared by Carl W. Scholl of Silver City.

Name Post Office Disposition Notes
Akela*, (settlement) (PO) 1921-1940, 1941-1943 1880 to 1901 Grant Co Location 22 mi E of Deming
Alamo Hueco ** (Forks) No Post Office Dates unknown West side of Alamo Hueco Mountains
Alhambra (PO) Jun 16, 1890 - Mar 31, 1902 Mail sent to Silver City Changed to Blackhawk 1890, GPS N32.72545, W108.50326
Allison (PO) 1894 Aug 25, 1893 - Apr 30, Mail sent to Faywood 10 mi N of Faywood Hot Springs
Alum Camp (PO) 1890 - 1894 Mail sent to Pinos Altos 3mi S of Gila Hot Springs on the Gila River
Alumina (PO) Apr 3, 1890 - Apr 30, 1894 Mail sent to Pinos Altos 25 mi N of Silver City
Animas **(RR stop) (PO) 1909 - present About 1902 Junction NM Highway 9 & NM Highway 338
Ansonio (PO) Apr 27, 1890 - Jun 1, 1892 Mail sent to Hanover Location unknown
Antelope ** (RR stop) No Post Office About 1902 Location 7 mi E of Animas
Antelope Wells ** No Post Office Settled in 1847 Location NM Highway 81, just N of Mexico
Apache Hills ** No Post Office Mining 1880's Location 6 mi SE of Hachita
Apache Tejo (water wells) No Post Office    4 miles south of Hurley GPS, N32.64626, W108.12805
Arenas Valley (PO) Jan 1, 1947 - Apr 20, 1987 Neighborhood Delivery 7 miles E of Silver City
Ash Creek Camp No Post Office West of Gila River 5.5 mi W SE of Dale McCauley's ranch
Azure (PO) Jan 7, 1895 - Apr 27, 1895 Mail sent to Silver City 10 mi SW of Silver City in Burro Mtns GPS, N32.6520,W108.3858
Bacaville (settlement)    1940's - 1950's North of Hurley GPS, N32.72308, W108.13318
Baker (PO) Unknown    No information
Bamaer (PO) Unknown    No information
Barney ** (Stage stop) No Post Office 1800's, Butterfield trail Location 5 mi NE of Lordsburg
Bayard (PO) May 17, 1902 - to present    US 180
Beck ** No Post Office 1800's Maybe not far from Steins Pass
Birchville Camp No Post Office About 1860 Later changed to Pinos Altos, NM
Black Hawk (PO) Jul 30, 1884 - Apr 6, 1887 Mail sent to Fleming Burro Mtns near Saddlerock, GPS, N32.72545, W108.50326
Black Mountain Camp (PO) is unknown    No information
Bonanza City No Post Office    Later became Fleming
Bramlett ** (settlement) (PO) 1911 to 1912    Located in the Animas Valley
Bryan (PO) Sep 26, 1912 - Aug 31, 1913 Mail sent to Cliff 7 mi south of Cliff
Brockman ** A & NM RR    Early 1900's North of Hachita
Buckhorn PO Aug 29, 1913 - to present    Orignal name was Nogales
Butterfield No Post Office No information No information
Cambray * RR (settlement) (PO) 1893-1952    Location 5 mi E SE of Akela
Cameron No information No information No information
Camp Ruby Mining camp On current US 90 GPS, N32.80125, W107.96319
Carbonate City Camp No Post Office Around 1882 Burro Mountains
Carne * (settlement) (PO) 1909-1916 Mail sent to Deming Location 14 mi E of Deming
Carpenter No Post Office About 1882 Located on W side of Mimbres mountains
Carrizilillo Minning No information No information
Central (PO) Jan 8, 1887 - to present    Name changed 1996 to Santa Clara
Central City (PO) Mar 20, 1870 - Jan 11, 1871 Previously Fullerton Name changed back to Fort Bayard
Chance City * (settlement) (PO) 1885-1886    Location 3 mi S of Gage
China Town (settlement) GPS reading taken in front of Three Aces Bar, N of Hurley GPS, N32.72969, W108.13283
Chloride Flat (PO)    Early 1870's 1 mi W of Silver City GPS, N32.78519, W108.30440
Cloverdale ** (settlement) (PO) 1912 to 1943 Founded 1880's Located on NM Highway 338
Cliff (PO) Aug 4, 1894 - to present    30 mi NW of Silver City
Cobre Siding (PO) Close to Vanadium/San Jose Used in the 1950's GPS N32.77937,W108.10929
Camp Cody, * (Military) (PO) 1917-1919 North of Deming GPS, N32.42276, W107.76464
Camp Cody * (Hospital) (PO) 1916-1917 Just W of Military Camp Located 2 mi W of Deming
Camp Cody * Sanatorium) (PO) 1935-1936 Later Holy Cross Sanatorium Located 2 mi W of Deming
Columbus * RR (settlement) PO 1891-1893, 1896-Present Settled Location 32 mi S of Deming, on NM Highway 11
Contintal (settlement) No Post Office Before 1900 Location 5 mi E of Hachita
Conrad ** (RR stop) No Post Office    Location 9 mi W of Lordsburg
Cookes, Cooks * (settlement) (PO) 1889-1914, 1915-1916 Settled about 1876 Located 20 mi N of Deming
Copper Rose       E of Santa Rita
Cotton City **, (settlement) No Post Office Unknown Location 13mi S of I-10 on NM Highway 338
Cow Camp No Post Office Dates unknown Location 2 mi W of Antelope Ridge
Crawford (RR Stop) No Post Office Dates unknown Later changed to Spaulding
Cummings * (settlement) No Post Office Previously Porter Station 14 mi NE of Deming, Later Florida
Cybar * (RR settlement) (PO) 1900 - 1904    Half way between Nutt & Deming
Deming * RR (PO) 1881 - Present Settled 1881 Located on I-10
Dinsmore Station    1859 ? Later Cow Springs   
Dwyer (PO) Feb 5, 1895 - Jun 30, 1917 Mail sent to Swartz NM Highway 61
East Camp (PO) Oct 11, 1940 - Mar 31, 1942 Mail sent to Duncan, AZ Near Carlisle & Steeplerock
East Garrison ** No Post Office Maybe 1800's Maybe located close to Steins Pass
Ernest (RR settlement)    Early 1900's Just south of Santa Rita
Faywood,(Hotel) 1890's (PO) moved to Dwyer in 1950    NM Highway 61, 3mi E of US 180
Faywood (PO) Jan 28, 1901 - to present    PO Moved to Dwyer in 1950
Faywood Station (RR)    Early 1900's South of Whitewater Station
Fierro (PO) Nov 16, 1899 - May 30, 1969 Mail sent to Hanover 3 mi NE of Hanover, NM Highway 356
Camp Fleming (PO) Jun 20, 1883 - Aug 30, 1887 Mail sent to Silver City 10 mi West NW of Silver City
Florida * (settlement) (PO) 1928 - 1940 Previously Cummings Location 14 mi NE of Deming
Fort Bayard (PO) Oct 4, 1867 - Mar 2, 1870    N of Central City
Fort Bayard (PO)(see note # 24) Jan 11, 1871 - Aug 27, 1965 Mail sent to Silver City Changed to Rural Branch 1966
Fort Cummings * (PO) 1866-1891 Mail to Hadley Located near mouth of Cookes Canyon
Fort Floyd No Post Office About 1860 Changed to Fort Mclane
Fort Mclane Was Ft. Floyd ? About 1861, Reading taken 200 yd W of Ft 5 mi S of Hurley GPS,N32.62952, W108.13178
Fort Webster (old)       Santa Rita (Cantonment Dawson)
Fort Webster No Post Office About 1852 On NM Highway 152 near San Lorenzo
Fort West No Post Office About 1863 E side of Gila River, S of Gila
Fullerton * (settlement) (PO) 1882-1883 Later Chance City Located 3 mi S of Gage
Camp Furlong * (Military) No Post Office About 1914 Just E of Columbus
Gage * (RR, settlement) (PO) 1882 to 1965 Converted to rural branch I-10, 20mi W of Deming
Garcia ** (Border Crossing) No Post Office Crossing to Mexico Location 3 mi W Cienega Springs
Gary (PO), (RR stop) Unknown    Location 5 mi W of Lordsburg
Georgetown (PO) May 21, 1875 - Dec 1, 1903 Mail sent to Mimbres 3 mi W of Mimbres
Gila (PO) Apr 5, 1875 - to present    NM Highway 211, at Gila
Gila Hot Springs (PO) Jun 1, 1969 - 1971 Converted to rural branch NM Highway 15
Gila Hotsprings (PO) Jul 9, 1966 - Jun 1, 1969    Changed to Gila Hot Springs on NM Highway 15
Gillespie ** (settlement) No Post Office    Location NE slope of Animas Mountains
Goldgulch (PO) Oct 28, 1902-never in operation    Off NM Highway 90 GPS, N32.55164,W108.50371
Gold Hill (PO) Jun 26, 1886 - Jun 15, 1906    In Burro Mts near Malone
Gold Lake E of White Signal    GPS, N32.54943, W108.31348
Grahoria (PO) Unknown    No information
Grant ** (Shakespeare) No Post Office, Before 1870 1870 chg. to Ralston Location = Shakespeare
Grant Count (settlement) No Post Office Unknown dates Mangus Creek & Gila River
Hachita (PO) 1900 - to present – from Old ? Moved when RR came ? Junction of NM Highway 9 & NM Highway 81
Hachita, Old ** Mar 27 1900 – New Hachita Founded about 1875 Location 9 mi W of Hachita
Hadley * (settlement) (PO) 1890-1895 Mail sent to Cookes Location NE side of Cooks Peak
Hall's Station (PO) Unknown In 1890’s called Bayard Station aft 1902 GPS, N32.76292, W108.13034
Hammondsville (settlement) No Post Office About 1884 Location somewhere on Gila River
Hanover (PO) Mar 14, 1892 - to present    4 mi NE of Central
Hansburg (PO) Nov 12, 1892 - Jun 2, 1894 Mail sent to Allison 3 mi NE of Dwyer
Hardscrabble (PO) Unknown Located in Bear Creek in the Burros Also known as the German Mine
Hawkins (RR)(PO) Unknown Early 1900's Just west of Separ
Henley, Camp ** MilitaryNo Post OfficeLate 1880'sLordsburg area
Hermanas * RR (settlement) (PO) 1903 to 1025Founded 1879Location 18 mi W of Columbus
Hickey City No Post Office About 1882 Location unknown
Hilltop RR stopEarly 1900'sNow Hurley
Honda * (EP&SW RR stop)    Early 1900'sSouth of Deming
Hondale (settlement)    South of Deming
Howlett's StationNo Post Office (on Mimbres)About 1880-1890Old road between Deming & Hurley
Hudson Hotel (PO)May 19, 1881 - Jan 28, 1901 Hotel burned 1890'sRebuilt & name changed to Faywood
Hudson Hot Springs (PO)Jan 28, 1879 - Feb 1, 1881NM 61, 3 mi from US 180Later changed to Faywood Hot Springs
Hurley (PO)Nov 15, 1910 - to presentWas HilltopLocated on Hwy US 180
Ivanhoe (PO)Apr 19, 1894 - Jun 2, 1897Mail sent to HanoverLocated near Bayard
Jackson (PO)Jul 22, 1912 - May 16, 1916Mail sent to Buckhorn Near Mule Creek Rd and NM Highway 180
Jose * (settlement) (PO) 1902-1905Mail sent to CookesJust SW of Cooks
Kimball ** (settlement) No Post Office About 1800's Maybe located around Steins Pass
Kingston (settlement) No Post Office Located NM 152 Was Grant Co before 1880
Ladim (NM-SP RR stop) No Post Office Before 1900 Located 5 mi E of Separ
Lake ** (settlement) (PO) 1913 to 1915 Mail sent to HachitaLocation SE part of County
La Lacha (PO) Unknown   No information
Leitendorf ** (settlement) No Post OfficeDeveloped 1852Located close to Pyramid
Leopold (PO)Nov 14, 1904 - Mar 15, 1914Mail sent to Tyrone A few miles south of Tyrone GPS, N32.6337, W108.3849
Lisbon ** (PO) (RR stop)UnknownLocation about 13 mi S of Lordsburg
Littlesville (settlement) aka Little Town  1950's North of Hurley GPS,N32.73443,W108.13001
Lone Mountain (settlement) No Post Office 1870's 2mi NW of Hurley Official PO name was Newton in 1883
Lordsburg ** (settlement)(PO)1881 to presentBorn 18 Oct 1880 Location on I-10
Malone (PO)Oct 30, 1884 - Aug 18, 1888Mail sent to Gold Hill14 mi NE of Lordsburg
Mangus (PO)Jul 24, 1896 - Jan 10, 1898Mail sent to Cliff15 mi NW of Silver City
Meerschaum, (settlement)No Post Office Dates unknownLocated on the Sapillo River, NM 15
Mexican Springs ** No PO, (Now Shakespeare)Early 1800's1870 changed to Grant
Midway * (settlement) (Luna County) (PO)1909-1918Vanished with RR tracksHalf way between Deming & Hermanas
Midway (Grant County)    Burro Mountains GPS, N32.6482, W108.3837
Miesse * (RR settlement) (PO)1914-1918Later SiltonLocated 6 mi E of Deming
Mimbres (PO)Jun 10, 1886 - to present  Location 6 mi NW of San Lorenzo
Camp Mimbres No Post OfficeAbout 1867East side of river at Dwyer
Mimbres Hot Springs (PO)Jun 24, 1878 - Jan 28, 1879Name changed to Hudson Hot Springs
Mimbres RR (Settlement)No Post OfficeAbout 1902Location 6 mi W of Columbus
Mimbres, Upper (PO)Nov 12, 1877 - Oct 25, 1882Mail sent to Santa RitaNorth of San Lorenzo
Mimmsville (settlement)No Post Office1930'sNorth of Hurley GPS N32.71949,W108.13383
Minero (PO) (RR stop)UnknownAbout 1902Between Hachita & Vista
Mirage * (settlement)No Post OfficeBefore 1900Located 8 mi NE of Deming
Camp Monarch (PO)Jun 11, 1907 - May 15, 1908Mail sent to Lake Valley 17 mi SW of Hillsboro, E of San Lorenzo
Mondel (PO)(RR stop)Unknown  Location 16 mi W of Lordsburg
Mongola * NM-SP RR  Early 1900'sEast of Gage Station
Mountain HomeBurned 13 May 1885Stage stopGPS, N32.62132, W108.43529
Mountainview * (PO)   1911-1914Location 13 mi S of Deming
Mowry City * (settlement)No Post OfficeAbout 1857Location 25 mi N of Deming
Muir ** SP RR flag stopNo Post Office1800'sLocation I-10 and NM 113
Mule Creek (PO)Jun 6, 1916 - to presentCamp started about 187746 mi NW of Silver City
Myndus * RR settlement (PO)1912-1921Mail sent to SiltonLocation 18 mi E of Deming
Newton (PO)Feb 26, 1883 - Oct 23, 1883Mail sent to Silver CityAka Lone Mountain
Nogales (settlement)No Post OfficeBefore 1913Later became Buckhorn
Nutt *, (settlement)(PO)1881-1884, 1899-19391881 to 1901 was Grant CoLocation 18 mi SW of Hatch
Oak Grove (settlement)No Post OfficeEarly 1880'sBurro Mountains, 1882 population 300
Odon (PO)Oct 12, 1912 - Aug 15, 1917Mail sent to Sherman3 mi south of San Lorenzo
Old TownNo Post OfficeWas MowryLocation 25 mi N of Deming
Oil Siding (PO)UnknownNo information
Parks (PO) Also Park CityApr 27, 1882 - Jul 9, 1883Mail sent to Lordsburg8 miles NE of Lordsburg
Parma * NM-SP RREarly 1900's  Just W of Deming
Peruhill * (settlement)No Post OfficeBefore 1900Location 3 mi N of Deming
Paschal (PO)Jan 23, 1882 - Nov 13, 1883Mail sent to Silver CityGPS 32.287,W108.39931, El 5995 ft
Penrose (settlement)No Post OfficeThe 1880's1/5 mi from Fleming
Pine Forest (PO)Sep 20, 1860 - Jan 31, 1861  Probably Pinos Altos
Pines, The (PO) Unknown  Location about 3 mi NW of Tyrone
Pinos Altos (PO)Oct 4, 1867 - Jun 19, 1964Converted to rural branchLocation 7 mi N of Silver City
Playas ** RR stop (settlement)(Old)(PO)1912 to 1917New Playas was S of new location 4 mi S of NM Highway 9
Pocahontas ** (settlement)No Post OfficeBefore 1919Location in the Steins Pass area
Porters Station * (settlement)No Post Office1800's (Later Cummings)Location 14 mi NE of Deming
Pothook (RR stop)No Post OfficeAbout 1902Between Vista & Playas
Pratt ** (RR settlement)(PO)1905-1913Mail sent to AnimasLocation NM Highway 9, W of Animas
Providencia * (settlement)No Post Office  Location 12 mi E of Deming
Pyra ** (SP RR)  Early 1900's Just West of Lordsburg
Pyramid ** (settlement)PO 1882-1884, 1891-1997Mail to LordsburgLocation 9 mi S. of Lordsburg
Quincy * (RR Station) No Post Office   Exit # 55 on I-10, W of Deming
Ralston ** (Laid out)No Post OfficeWas Grant1879 changed to Shakespeare
Ranchos de Hidalgo **No Post OfficeUnknown datesLocation 9 mi E of Animas
Rattlesnake City (settlement) No Post Office Dates unknownBurro Mountains
Redrock (PO)Feb 14, 1896 - Jan 12, 1968Converted to rural branch28 miles west of Silver City on Highway 462
Redstone, (settlement) No Post Office Dates unknown 15 mi N of Pinos Altos
Richmond ** (settlement)No Post OfficeCreated about 1870Later changed to Virden
Ricolite (PO)Jun 7, 1890 - Aug 8, 1891Mail sent to LordsburgNear Virden
Riverside (settlement)No Post Office About 1900 2 mi S of Cliff
Road Forks ** (settlement) (PO)1925-1955Location I-10 W of Lordsburg
Robert ** (A & NM RR settlement)No Post Office  Location 20 mi S SE of Lordsburg
Rodeo ** (RR stop) (settlement) (PO)1903 - PresentRR developed 1902Location 33 mi S of I-10, on US 80
Royal John (settlement)No Post OfficeFounded maybe 1800'sEnd of Royal John Mine Rd from Mimbres
Camp Ruby Mining camp On current US 90 GPS, N32.80125, W107.96319
Ruia (PO)Feb 5, 1917 - Jan 31, 1919 Mail sent to Gage9 mi W of Gage on SPR Road
San Antonio, (settlement)No Post OfficeAbout 1915Western part of County
San Jose (Vanadium)No Post OfficeBefore 1912Later changed to Vanadium
San Jose (Mimbres River)No Post OfficeDates unknownLocation 4 mi S of Dwyer
San Juan (settlement)No Post OfficeDates unknown3 mi S of San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo (PO)Jan 26, 1886 - May 3, 1888DiscontinuedLocation on NM Highway 152
San Lorenzo (PO) Feb 26, 1908 - Nov 22, 1963Converted to rural branchJust N of NM Highway 152 on Mimbres River
Santa Clara (PO)Jan 8, 1887 - to presentFormerly Central & Central City (1996)  
Santa Rita (PO)Dec 8, 1881 - Mar 9, 1973Mail sent to HanoverLocation on NM Highway 152
Savoya (RR stop) No Post Office  Between Hermanas & Victorio
Sellers * (RR settlement)No Post OfficeAlso Sellers StationLocation about 10 mi E of Nutt
Separ (NM-SP RR)(PO)Jun 10, 1882 - Sep 30, 1960Converted to rural branch20 mi east of Lordsburg
Settlement (PO)   Unknown No information
Shakespeare ** (settlement)PO 1897-1985  Location 2 mi S of Lordsburg
Sherman (PO)Jun 11, 1894 - Dec 29, 1967Mail sent to San LorenzoLocation about 5 mi S of San Lorenzo
Silton * (RR settlement)(PO)1918-1924 Previously Miesse Location 6 mi E of Deming
Silver City (PO) Aug 11, 1871 - to present    Located on US 180
Silver Dale       
Slate Creek CampNo Post OfficeDates unknownLocation 1 mi E of Clark Peak
Spaulding * (RR Stop)No Post OfficeDates unknownLocation 16 mi N of Deming
Steeplerock (PO)Nov 16, 1896 - Dec 30, 1922Mail sent to Duncan, AZFormerly Carlisle
Steins ** (settlement) (PO)1905-1944  Location I-10. 21 mi SW of Lordsburg
Steins Pass ** (RR) (settlement) (PO)1888-1905  Location I-10 21 mi SW of Lordsburg
Sulphuret City (settlement)No Post Office  County Rd 136 GPS N32.616664,W108.39771
Summit Siding ** (RR stop)No Post Office  Location 17 mi NW of Lordsburg
Sunshine * (settlement)No Post Office  Location 9 mi S of Deming on NM 11
Swarts (PO)Sep 27, 1887 - May 31, 1919Mail sent to Sherman5 mi NE of Dwyer
Sylvanite ** (settlement)(PO)1908-1913  Location 20 SE of Animas
Teel (PO) Oct 3, 1901 - Jan 30, 1926 Mail sent to San LorenzoJust N of San Lorenzo
Telegraph, (settlement)No Post OfficeBefore 1884About 27 mi W of Silver City
The Pines (settlement)No Post Office2 mi W of TyroneLocated on County Rd 422
The Stage Stand (stage stop)No Post OfficeOn US 180 until 1905Location GPS,N32.80027,W108.48540
Taylor (settlement)    South of Deming
Tomerlin * EP&SW RR settlement No Post Office  Location 24 mi SW of Deming
Tunis * (RR settlement)No Post Office  Location 6 mi W of Deming
Turnerville (PO)Aug 1, 1945 - Aug 16, 1975 Started abt 1929Mail sent to Hanover1 mi E of Hanover GPS N32.80260,W108.08572
Tyrone (PO)Oct 15, 1906 - to presentTown started about 1900 Located NM Highway 90, S of Silver City
Ulmoris ** (RR stop)No Post OfficeWW-II POW CampLocation 5 mi E of Lordsburg
Valedon ** (settlement) (PO)1917-1932Founded about 1885Location 3 mi SW of Lordsburg
Vanadium (PO) May 13, 1912 - Feb 28, 1989Rural mail boxesGPS N32.77916, W108.11554 NM Highway 356
Veitch ** (RR stop)No Post Office   Location about 8 mi NW of Lordsburg
Victoria ** (settlement)    4mi S of Gage
Victorio * (settlement)No Post OfficeBefore 1900Location 33 mi W of Columbus
Villinesville (settlement)No Post Office   N of Hurley GPS N32.77216,W108.12803
Virden ** (settlement) No Post Office Formerly RichmondLocation 30 mi NW of Lordsburg
Vista (RR stop)No Post OfficeAbout 1902Located 8 mi W of Hachita
Volcano ** (settlement)No Post OfficeStarted about 1887Located 6 mi N of Steins
Walnut wells ** (settlement)(PO)1913-1919Established about 1858East side of Alamo Hueco Mountains
Waterloo * (settlement) (PO)1911-1922Mail to DemingLocation 10 mi NW of Columbus
White Signal (PO)Oct 29, 1909 - Jun 15, 1933Mail sent to TyroneNM Highway 90 GPS N32.55617,W108.36616
Whitewater (RR stop)(PO)Oct 14, 1883 - Jun 30, 1955Mail sent to Hurley 8 mi S of Hurley
Wilna (RR stop) No Post Office Before 1917 Later called Ruia, 9 mi W of Gage
Whiskey Creek (settlement) No Post Office About 1870 Later called Arenas Valley, old Hwy 180
Whitney ** (RR stop) No Post Office  Located 2 mi W of Lordsburg
Wimsettville (settlement) No Post OfficeAbout 1921 to 1937W of Turnerville .5mi GPS N32.80523,W108.08473

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